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but his wall street thinking ahead? the economy is getting better including the revisions and that means no longer lemonade the federal reserve with quantitative leasing and rates should rise with the dollar then the materials group comes off. then it is the oil and gas because it is cheaper to buy with more dollars. liz: let's go to nymex. crude oil is down to%. natural gas down 4% and gasoline down 2.25%. with supply goes down doesn't surprise go up? >> we have a bottle back in the system. it needs to get out to the east coast we have a bottleneck in new jersey so of leaded gas is in the philadelphia area but not a three-year the price has come off but now the technical level does not look good which is $85 but because we cross it we see $82 and that want to mention natural-gas business situation the weather was getting colder there for getting rid of the storage but people cannot turn on their furnaces therefore that natural gas is not being used. it will be interesting with the number of thursday. liz: do you have power? >> you can see by my facial hair i do not. [laughter] i do have
particularly his handling of his economy, the economy is not doing very well, you can't criticize him on this. this is something that needs to be done. why is it important for markets to be open? well, guess what? we don't know what the value of corporate america is -- if we don't know what the value of corporate america is, that's a problem. we don't know how much ibm is worth because the markets are closed. that's how you judge the value of these companies by what their stock is trading on. without an active stock market, you can't sell ipos. you can't do a secondary offering of stock. you can't finance yourself. the business of capitalism stops. why was it stopped for two days? now, obviously, you know, if we're going to an emergency contingency plan, there's a chance it might not work as great, but it is better than nothing. could they have opened it up a little bit? you know for a couple of hours? liz: or at least the traders that could get in. >> forget about traders getting in, i would say this, why doesn't every wall street firm have a contingency plan where they don't have to send pe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2